“I lost again.”

Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance) shed tears in an interview with a Korean joint reporter after the game as if the nightmare of defeat two years ago was reviving. “I tried not to cry because it seemed like I was losing the same way every time, but it was a bit regretful, so yes… all I can say is that I’m sorry… but since it didn’t work, I have to work harder. again.”

Even Ahn Se-yeong (Samsung Life Insurance), whom the Korean national team believed in winning the World Mixed Team Badminton Championships title after six years, was satisfied with the silver medal after being defeated by Chen Yu-fei of China.

The 2023 World Badminton Federation (BWF) Sudirman Cup finals held at the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou, China on the 21st. The Korean badminton team, led by Kim Hak-gyun (52), suffered a crushing defeat by the world’s strongest China with a match score of 0-3.

The Sudirman Cup, held every two years, is a mixed team event in which matches are played in the order of mixed doubles → men’s singles → women’s singles → men’s doubles → women’s doubles. It is a best-of-five match.

In Korea, in the first mixed doubles match of the day, world No. 5 Seo Seung-jae (Army Sports Corps) – Chae Yu-jung (Incheon International Airport) lost 1-2 (21-18, 20-22, 8-21) to No. It was painful to be hurt. I reached the match point in the second set, but it was regrettable that I suffered a come-from-behind defeat.

In the men’s singles, world number 213 Lee Yoon-gyu (Gimcheon City Hall) was driven to the edge of the cliff by losing 0-2 (13-21, 17-21) to 10th place Switch.

And in the women’s singles, the match ended with world No. 2 Ahn Se-yeong losing to 4th place Chen Yu-Fei 0-2 (16-21, 20-22). Ahn Se-young, who recently won three consecutive victories over Chen Yu-fei and escaped from his jinx. He collapsed in vain, feeling a tremendous psychological burden, perhaps because the Korean team suffered two defeats first. The opponent record also became 4 wins and 9 losses.

Ahn Se-young boosted her momentum by defeating world No. 1 Akane Yamaguchi in the third match against Japan in the Group D group stage and No. 3 Tai Ziying in the quarterfinals against Taiwan, but was again blocked by the world No. 1 Chen Yu-Fei.

Ahn Se-young also lost to Chen Yu-fei in the quarterfinals against China in the last 2021 tournament. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held that year, she also met and defeated Chen Yufei in the quarterfinals of the women’s singles, and she did not qualify for a medal.

Ahn Se-young said, “She kept repeating it over and over again, but I thought I could do it and did it with confidence, but the other person was so good at it. She definitely seems to lack my experience yet,” she regretted.

If Ahn Se-young won that day, Korea would have been able to continue the men’s doubles match between Kim Won-ho (Samsung Life Insurance) and Na Seong-seung (Gimcheon City Hall), and furthermore, Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Baek Ha-na (MG Saemaul Geumgo) in women’s doubles. It was great.

In the 2017 Australia Gold Coast Tournament (15th), Korea blocked China’s 7th consecutive victory and won the 4th championship in total. However, at the 2019 Nanning Championships in China, it was pushed to the quarterfinals and a tie for third place at the 2021 Finnish Bantha Championships.체스카지노

China has proven itself to be the best in the world by winning three consecutive championships.

Coach Kim Hak-kyun said in an interview with the Korean joint reporters after the game, “Each player showed their own abilities and showed their shortcomings, but in terms of the result, it was not bad. good job now I think we won runner-up because we still have some shortcomings.”

He continued, “I want to praise the players because they did well. Everyone did well,” but “I wonder if our players lacked a bit of podium. He pointed out that there was a relatively lack of boldness.”

Coach Kim said, “This tournament will be the basis for preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games (2022, which has been postponed to September). From the Asian Games to the 2024 Paris Olympics, there are countless things to prepare. Leaders also have a lot to do. The players, along with the coaches, will renovate again, and I will run again for the goal.” kkm100@sportsseoul.com

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