Juventus denies the transfer of Paul Pogba.

He is a world class midfielder from France. He is considered to have all the abilities needed as a central midfielder. Despite his 190 cm solid physical size, he possesses high speed, high-level individual skills, soft foot skills, football intelligence and ability to read the flow of the game. His vigorous activity makes a great contribution to his defense, and his high-quality passing and dribbling ability also serves as the starting point of his offense.

He grew up at Manchester United, but left for Juventus in favor of a flamboyant first-team player. And here he blossomed. In the 2012-13 season, when he was only 19 years old, he became a main player for Juventus and played 27 league games, and in the 2013-14 season he established himself as a ‘core’. He scored 9 goals and 17 assists in 51 games, including cup competitions. Juventus built a solo system in Italian Serie A centered on Pogba and left a mark in the European competition.

After that, he returned to Manchester United. At the time, Manchester United, which had been on the decline since Sir Alex Ferguson, pushed for a reconstruction centered on Pogba. The 105 million euros (approximately 142 billion won) invested in him at the time was expensive, but considering his star performance and expectations, it was well worth the investment.

He played more than 200 games for Manchester United. However, he did not remain as a good memory for Manchester United fans. He has been sidelined for many years due to minor injuries and has not been working hard on his rehabilitation. After renewing his contract, he caused trouble with Manchester United’s leadership, and he publicly announced that he would be leaving the club. In the end, he returned to Juventus ahead of this season. Following 10 years ago, he left Manchester United again as a free agent (FA). 먹튀검증

Upon returning to Juventus, Pogba was welcomed. Like Manchester United in the past, Juventus also hoped to regain the top spot with Pogba after being pushed back by Inter Milan and AC Milan. But so far into the second half, Pogba has not played a single game. He recently heard that his return was imminent, but it was delayed again due to a recurrence of his injury.

Eventually, rumors of a sale circulated. The news was that Juventus had run out of patience and would be dropping Pogba over the summer. The British media ‘Mirror’ quoted the Italian ‘Gazeta dello Sport’ and reported, “Juventus have lost patience with Pogba. If he does not return in the near future, Juventus will even consider selling him.”

However, this was not true. According to European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, Juventus has denied all facts regarding the termination of Pogba’s contract. They said they are not considering the possibility of a sale at all and are waiting for his return.

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