The Manchester United team is scheduled to hold a meeting regarding the return of Mason Greenwood (22, Manchester United), a ‘problem child’.

England’s ESPN reported on the 15th (Korean time), “Manchester United will gather opinions from the men’s and women’s teams before deciding whether to return Mason Greenwood.”

On the 3rd, Manchester United released a statement on Greenwood’s situation on the club’s official website, saying, “The club informs the Prosecutor’s Office that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped.” Greenwood was investigated by the police for sexually assaulting his girlfriend in February of last year, but after a year or so, all charges were dropped and he remained in the United first team.

It seems that there was a debate inside the club over Greenwood’s rejoining. On the 4th, the British ‘Guardian’ said, “Man United employees were divided into two groups over whether or not to return to Greenwood, and a significant number of employees opposed his return.” 바카라사이트

The club directly stepped forward in the chaotic atmosphere surrounding Greenwood. ESPN said, “According to sources, the club plans to meet and talk with the players who lead the men’s and women’s teams. Players’ opinions are not united, but many players are concerned about his return.”

The media said, “Several sponsors have also expressed concerns about his return to Manchester United, and major sponsors are constantly monitoring Manchester United’s internal investigation. If Man United makes a decision regarding Greenwood, they will decide their relationship with the club accordingly.”

Meanwhile, ESPN added, “Coach Eric ten Haag doesn’t want to mess with the second half of the season, so the decision could be delayed until the summer.”

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