National soccer team central defender Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) directly explained that it was a misunderstanding that he had cut off social media relations with captain Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) after the call for an A match last month.

On the 1st, Kim Min-jae publicly apologized through his agency, saying, “My thoughts about Heung-min hyung were short and I was wrong.” 메이저사이트

After the evaluation match against Uruguay on the 28th of last month, Kim Min-jae said, “I am in a state of mental collapse. He wants to focus on his team rather than the national team,” he said. When a promising defender suggested retiring from the national team, the football world was turned upside down. In response, Kim Min-jae explained on social media that “the meaning of hardship was misrepresented.”

In the process, rumors of an unexpected discord emerged. On the same day, Son Heung-min wrote on social media, “It is always a proud and honor to play for the country and to wear the uniform of the Korean national soccer team,” and shortly after that, it was belatedly known that Kim Min-jae had unfollowed Son Heung-min’s account. Shortly thereafter, they followed again, but suspicions of discord spread, such as that Kim Min-jae and three of his same age formed a faction to exclude Son Heung-min from the national team.

In response, Kim Min-jae apologized repeatedly, saying, “Heung-min hyung always posts such a post after the national team call is over, but I misunderstood because of the interview I had the day before and acted outside of common sense.” And he said, “I made a mistake because there was stress under the pressure to do better. He felt a lot of pressure because he thought it was an honor to play for the national team.”

Regarding the faction rumors, he said, “I would like to inform you that this is clearly not true. The fact that the 1996-born line in the national team is forming a faction is a really embarrassing story,” he dismissed. At the end of the post, “I am sorry for causing unsavory words and rumors to come out due to my personal fault. I’m sorry to everyone, and I want to apologize once again to the players who suffered the most damage.”

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