Mainz midfielder Lee Jae-seong showed off his offensive instincts by scoring multiple goals in a game for the first time since advancing to the European big leagues, and it was known that his performance stemmed from his efforts to overcome early replacement. 

Mainz won 3-1 in the 20th round of the 2022/23 Bundesliga against FC Augsburg held at the Meba Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 11th (Korean time).

Lee Jae-seong, who played as a starter in the match, scored multiple goals and led the team to victory. 

In the 21st minute of the first half, he tried to score through selfless play with teammate Ludovic Azorque in front of the goal, but Lee Jae-seong last pushed the ball in and scored the opening goal. 

In the 6th minute of the second half, he calmly finished with a shot without missing a defensive mistake, shaking Augsburg’s net and scoring a multi-goal. 

Lee Jae-sung scored 2 goals against Dortmund on the 25th and Bochum on the 28th of last month, and 2 goals against Augsburg this time, scoring 4 goals in the last 5 matches and scoring his 6th goal of the season.

This is a record that surpasses the 4 goals he recorded in the 2021/22 season, and is the most since he scored 9 league goals for the Bundesliga 2 Holstein Kiel in the 2019/20 season. 

Lee Jae-sung directly revealed why he was able to score early in recent games. 

Lee Jae-sung shook the net in 1 minute and 32 seconds against Dortmund, and scored a goal 43 seconds after the start of the game against Bochum. Also against Augsburg, he scored his first goal in the 21st minute, midway through the first half. 

Regarding this, he posted on his blog on the 6th, “I never dreamed that this would happen to me. Even thinking about it now, it’s amazing and amazing. Coach Bo Svensson always emphasizes something to the players. He said, “Usually coaches emphasize that you have to be careful in the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of the game, but coach Svensson tells you to pour from the 1st second.”

He mentioned that coach Svensson’s advice, emphasizing concentration at the start of the game, was the driving force behind the early scoring. 

Lee Jae-seong also emphasized that there was an effort to overcome his situation in which his recent performance was replaced early. 

He said, “Recently, I have been frequently replaced between 15 and 20 minutes in the second half due to physical strength management. If I think that I may be replaced in the second half, I try to show a better appearance faster.” I don’t think so,” he explained. 

In fact, Lee Jae-seong has played 90 minutes full-time only twice this season. 바카라사이트

Except for the match against Hertha Berlin in round 7 and the match against Cologne in round 11, he has not played full-time all season. The only game in which he played more than 80 minutes, not full time, was against Wolfsburg in the 13th round. 

Lee Jae-seong seems to have succeeded in the early game by overcoming these physical problems by using coach Svensson’s advice to pour energy early and the burden of replacement.

Coach Svensson also praised Lee Jae-sung’s great performance, saying, “I can’t imagine Mainz without Lee Jae-sung. There is no player as likable as Lee Jae-sung” right after the match against Augsburg.

Lee Jae-seong, who overcame his reduced playing time due to physical problems with his early performances, is expected to receive a lot of attention as to whether he will finish this season well and spend the best season since advancing to the Bundesliga.

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