There is no time to rest. I move early in the morning to avoid making mistakes during the season.

Like the current professional baseball team, the referees of the KBO League are in the midst of field training abroad such as the United States and Japan. Umpires not only inspect the strike zone from behind the catcher when the pitchers are pitching in the bullpen, but they are also involved in practice games and have actual training. Here, he visits the baseball field early in the morning and continues strike call drills against the pitching machine.

As of the 3rd, KBO referees (leader Lee Young-jae), who visited the Samsung Lions training ground located in Onna-son, Okinawa, Japan, came out at 8:30 am and practiced strike calls against the pitching machine for an hour and a half. I continued training when pitching.

And I left to find another stadium where the game was held that day. After training with Samsung pitchers in the bullpen pitching room, the referees told the pitchers, “The ball is good. When this year is over, I will double my annual salary.”

After watching Samsung bullpen pitching, manager Lee Young-jae said, “The current condition of the judges has risen to about 80%. The current situation is making judgments with confidence about the strike zone,” he said. I think the new strike zone, which was applied since last year, is now almost settled in the eyes of the referees.”

It is said that the so-called ‘6000 pitch drill’ started last year. The 6,000-ball training, which began at the suggestion of KBO president Heo Gu-yeon and referee chairman Huh Woon, is being trained in overseas training in earnest from this year. Last year, I couldn’t go to overseas camp training, so I trained in Korea.

The KBO referees started training against pitching machines at the Doosan 2nd Army Training Center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, while returning their vacation in January, and are training 6,000 pitches through pitching machines, pitchers in the bullpen, and practice games at overseas training grounds. He said he currently watched close to 5000 pitches and would fill in 6000 pitches by adding 1000 pitches in the exhibition game. Therefore, it is self-evaluation that the ball judgment condition is about 80%.

6,000 pitches is the total number of pitches that referees watched during a season, and manager Lee Young-jae explained that training started with a plan to preview 6,000 pitches before the opening match from last season. Manager Lee Young-jae said, “Last year, I focused on passing the newly applied high ball strike zone and watched the pitching. The referees are now accustomed to the new zone. Starting this season, we will focus on whether or not a breaking ball with a large drop will pass the strike zone,” he informed the team. 스포츠토토

On the other hand, KBO announced on the 3rd that it plans to play the video reading situation in real time through home TV as well as the electronic display board at the baseball field starting this season. Therefore, the referees are in a situation where they have to put their heart and soul into each decision to reduce the error. For this, constant training is required.

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