KT WIZ defeated Doosan Bears in a harmonious performance and escaped from a 2-game losing streak. In particular, Alford, a foreign hitter who went down to the 6th batting order, swung a hard hit with a multi-hit 3 RBI game including a two-run four in the final.

KT won 6-1 against Suwon Doosan on May 19th. KT, who escaped from two consecutive losses with the victory on this day, remained at the bottom of the league with 11 wins, 2 draws and 24 losses in the season.

On this day, KT succeeded in scoring first at the end of the first inning. After one company at the end of the first inning, KT took the lead with Jang Seong-woo’s preemptive RBI and right-handed hit at the opportunity of two outs, first and third base, created by Kim Myeon-hyuk and Moon Sang-cheol’s hits.

After that, both teams, which had been in a lull, sparked again in the fourth inning. KT allowed Yang Eui-ji to walk and Kim Jae-hwan to hit after a run in the beginning of the 4th inning, and then Yang Seok-hwan to hit 1 RBI in a timely manner, allowing a 1-1 tie. In the ensuing crisis with the bases full, Yang Chan-yeol induced a double hit and overcame an additional run.

KT immediately counterattacked at the end of the 4th inning. At the end of the 4th inning, after lead hitter Jang Seong-woo’s double, follow-up hitter Alford hit Choi Seung-yong’s 112km/h curve and hit a come-from-behind two-run home run with a distance of 120m. Alford’s Season 5 Arch.

KT put a wedge in the game in the attack at the end of the 5th inning with a 3-1 lead. After one run at the end of the 5th inning, KT succeeded in scoring an additional run as Park Byeong-ho’s double batted ball led to the opponent’s second baseman’s catch error in the chance to get a one-out 1st and 2nd base with Kim Min-hyuk and Moon Sang-cheol’s consecutive hits.

KT escaped 5 to 1 with Alford again hitting the right time with 1 RBI in the 2nd 1st and 2nd base opportunities that followed. In addition, Kim Joon-tae’s push ball came out and scored a wedge in the second-out chance created by Jang Jun-won’s walk.체스카지노

On the mound, KT starting pitcher Eom Sang-baek achieved his 2nd win (3rd loss) of the season with 4 hits, 3 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 5 innings. From the 6th inning, Son Dong-hyun (0.2 innings), Jeon Yong-joo (0.1 innings), and Lee Seon-woo (2 innings) came out and blocked the Doosan lineup with no runs. And in the ninth inning, Park Young-hyeon climbed the mound and put an end to his two-game losing streak.

KT coach Lee Gang-cheol met with reporters before the game on the 19th and said, “The starting pitchers seem to feel pressure because the scores have not been so good recently. In the end, the atmosphere reversal is important, and the starters should hold up well in the beginning and support the other line. We need the strength to overcome the tight flow.”

As coach Lee expected, KT made a relatively comfortable game flow with the cohesiveness of the team batting line in the middle of the game while enduring the tight situation at the beginning of the game with the strength of the starting pitcher. Coach Lee hopes that if he builds up such matches one by one, he will be able to return as a ‘strong team KT’ soon.

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