It can’t be anything other than a great reversal. Will the Lotte franchise star, who is about to become a free agent for the second time in his life, become the protagonist of a great reversal?

On the 19th of last month, LG agreed to a non-FA multi-year contract with Oh Ji-hwan. The terms of the contract are a whopping 6 years and up to 12.4 billion won. Considering that when LG signed its first FA contract with Oh Ji-hwan ahead of the 2020 season, the contract size was 4 years and 4 billion won, the expression ‘great reversal’ fits perfectly.

At the time, in the FA market, where the cold wind blew, Lotte Jeon Jun-woo could not hit the ‘jackpot’ like Oh Ji-hwan. Now, the four-year contract with Lotte for a total of 3.4 billion won is nearing its end.

Jeon Jun-woo showed unchanging performance even after his FA contract. In 2020, the first season of his contract, he marked a career high in RBIs with a batting average of .279, 26 homers and 96 RBIs, and in 2021, he took the title with the most hits while exploding 192 hits with a batting average of .348, 7 homers and 92 RBIs. Homers were down to 7, but doubles were 46, which also led the league. Last year, he also led Lotte’s batting line with a batting average of .304, 11 homers and 68 RBIs. This is why the expression ‘hyeja contract’ comes up over and over again for Jun-woo Jeon.

Jeon Jun-woo, whose time as a reserve free agent has come again, is facing the 2023 season, which is more important than ever. Just as Lee Dae-ho retired, Jeon Jun-woo, who became the team’s oldest, handed over the captaincy to Ahn Chi-hong, but the team still needs his leadership. Jeon Jun-woo also showed his determination to fill the leadership void at Lee Dae-ho’s retirement game last year, saying, “I will feel the vacancy as the senior who played a big role in the team is gone, but I will greet you with a slightly more mature image.” 메이저사이트

What kind of performance will Jeon Jun-woo show ahead of his second free agency in his life? If he shows good batting skills this year, he may have a different result from his first free agent in his life. Of course, there is a difference in that he is 4 years older than Oh Ji-hwan and has a different position, but it is a challenge worth trying for Jeon Jun-woo, who still boasts steady attack power and distances himself from aging.

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