There was a time when Bundang Business High School enjoyed its heyday . This was the case from 2014 to 2016, when WKBL’s best big men, Park Ji-soo (Cheongju KB Stars), Na Yoon-jung (Asan Woori Bank), and Cha Ji-hyeon (former Cheongju KB Stars) endured.

The current Bundang Business High School is also considered a strong team in the girls’ high school. However, in recent years, due to injuries, he has not been able to even pack up the number of participants in the tournament. The 2022 season was like that too.

Park Soo-ho, a coach at Bundang Business High School, said, “In the first half of last year, we couldn’t participate in the tournament due to a lack of players. There were many injured players. I was able to go to the competition only in the second half. Even then, it was difficult because of the selection of under-16 national team players. Nonetheless, the players showed their fighting spirit. That’s why I was able to win runner-up in the Fall League,” he said, looking back at the 2022 season.

Bundang Business High School, which had a difficult time, began quenching for the 2023 season. Last January, they participated in the Stove League held in Samcheonpo, and from January 25th to February 3rd, they conducted field training in Jeju Island. After training in Jeju Island, he returns to Bundang and later participates in Stove League in Onyang. And from mid-March, they will participate in the spring competition to be held in Haenam.

The staffing situation at Bundang Business High School has improved considerably. We are currently training with 7 people. There are also 4 prospective students. A total of 11 people can digest the 2023 season.

But there are variables. Park Soo-ho, a coach at Bundang Business High School, said, “Four third-year middle school students will join. However, they cannot join high school training until formal admission. It is because of the guidelines of the Gyeonggi-do Office of Education,” he said, explaining why he had to train with seven people. 스포츠토토

However, coach Park Soo-ho did not underestimate his strength. “All three of the 3rd graders (Byeon Ha-jeong, Heo Yoo-jeong, and Park Da-won) are all fine. Both height and personal skills are not bad. Three second graders are also good. Including Jung Chae-won, they are friends who have experienced a lot of championships since middle school.”

“I put the most emphasis on defense and offensive rebounding. It is a factor that we focus on both during training and during practice matches. And you have to be well organized. Also, as basketball is a fast-paced sport these days, you need to focus on switching offense and defense. We also need a defense that presses from the opponent’s camp,” adding the basketball style used in the 2023 season.

Lastly, “The first step is to enter the semifinals. If I make it to the semifinals, I want to aim for the finals as well. Also, there is something important. High school seniors are good at finding jobs. To be able to do that, I must guide them well. We have to teach him to grow into the type of player he wants in the professional world,” he said, setting the direction as a leader. As a leader, opening up the future of his disciples. That was my biggest goal.

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