“Just play 300 innings”.

Expectations are rising for the KIA Tigers’ new right-handed foreign pitchers, Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina. The two players pitched in the bullpen on the 8th at the spring camp held at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He threw a powerful ball. Coach Kim Jong-guk, along with general manager Jang Jeong-seok, carefully watched the pitching and checked the pitch.

It’s still early in the camp, so it’s not 100%, but he showed off his strength and control at the same time. Coach Kim said, “He throws the ball softly and easily. The pitch itself is a strong pitcher, and the location is not greatly shaken,” he showed anticipation 

. 3 foreign pitchers, including 271 innings, only played 271 innings. No pitcher threw the required innings. Nolin was out for two months due to injury and covered 124 innings. Ronnie was replaced midway. Nolin and replacement Panoni played well in the second half. He threw and recorded an ERA of 2 points. 

KIA, which was worried about renewing two contracts or one, gave up all of them. Instead, they chose a right-handed foreigner with a strong pitch. As catcher Park Dong-won’s transfer weakened the home power, a strong starting lineup It was based on the internal conclusion that it needed to be built, so the choice was made to recruit Anderson and Medina, who throw 150km.  카지노사이트

Therefore, the expectations placed on the two foreign pitchers are different. If you digest full-time, KIA can operate the league’s top-notch starting lineup. Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri have the national left-handed duo. The two pitchers are aces who can win up to 15 wins if supported by the batting line. Lim Ki-young, Kim Kim-hoon, and Yoon Young-cheol are also competing for the 5th starting pitcher. 

It is now in the early stages of camp, and after going through practice games and demonstration games, you have to prove your skills in the regular league on the main stage. It is not enough to be successful just because of your pitch. Full-time activity is possible only when harmony with Korean players and efforts to adapt to Korean culture are combined. It is common for them to fail to adapt due to their fussy nature. 

First of all, the character seems to be okay. Anders also ate live octopus. He also gets along without hesitation with his co-workers. Coach Kim ordered innings rather than victory for them. If you do full-time, your grades can follow. The performance of the two players is necessary for the gamble that gave up the 2-point ERA outsiders to succeed. Only then can you rise to the top.

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