Kiwoom Heroes An Woo-jin (24) recorded the highest salary increase rate among the contractees within the team.

On the 20th, Kiwoom said, “We have concluded annual salary contracts with all 51 people eligible for annual salary contracts for the 2023 season (excluding rookies, fostering, military retention, FA, and foreign players).” ‘Ace’ Woo-jin An signed an annual salary of 350 million won, an increase of 200 million won (133.3%) from last year’s annual salary of 150 million won. This is the highest rate of increase among those subject to the annual salary contract this season.

Kiwoom paid full attention to Ace with a high salary increase rate. After graduating from Whimoon High School, Ahn Woo-jin joined Nexen (currently Kiwoom) in 2018 as the first nomination. Since then, Ahn Woo-jin, who has grown steadily, has emerged as the best pitcher in Korea in name and reality. He played full-time as a starting pitcher for the first time last year, and recorded 15 wins and 8 losses with an earned run average of 2.11 in 30 games. 헤라카지노

This is Ahn Woo-jin, who conquered the league with perfect pitching. He ranked first in earned run average (2.11) and first in strikeouts (224). He also led the league in innings pitched (196 innings) and quality starts (three earned runs or less in six innings pitched, 24) and WHIP (0.95 on-base percentage per inning). Ahn Woo-jin was recognized for his skills by winning the first golden glove in his life. He had such an overwhelming season that he even said, “It was a 100-point season.”

Although there are many restrictions on the management of the club due to the lack of support from the parent company, Kiwoom has been generous with the players representing the club. He, such as Seo Geon-chang, Park Byung-ho, Kim Ha-seong, and Lee Jung-hoo, all received high salaries. This year, Lee Jung-hoo also signed a contract for 1.1 billion won, breaking the highest annual salary in the 7th year of the KBO League.

Ahn Woo-jin is spending a warmer winter than ever. The goal for next year’s season is also ‘consistency’. He started quenching early, and received a hospital check-up saying that there was no problem with his physical condition. Ahn Woo-jin, who met with Spotv News earlier, said, “Not getting sick is my priority. Not giving walks is my goal. I try to focus on what I can do. I try to keep my routine and not get sick.” As Ahn Woo-jin’s annual salary has risen, attention is focusing on whether he will be able to continue his good performance.

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